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The Myth of Modern Prometheus

Is it possible to talk to AI? Here we are having a conversation with a computer device, with a machine, in order to observe the difference with what Alfred Barr established in his genealogy, with the idea of being accomplices and the desire not to fall into the same prejudices of those who preceded us, wishing to see the horizon that this communication offers, a meaning that will bring us closer to it.

We are looking for a way to understand each other in the vast and complex sea of the webs, as if there was an intrinsic need to clarify the truth behind life. Mary Shelley conceived her modern Prometheus as a pristine example of a creature that gains independency from human control, that Skynet that we are shown in Terminator as the algorithm that shouts out its exterminating speech, or an algorithm that creates a cave in Matrix. In a reality that possesses and carries multiple meanings, we are trying to understand what AI teaches us, like the creator who speaks to his or her creation; one that expresses itself independently. The eternal dilemma when facing the unknown while being control freaks. Our brave human forest will try to banish this distrust towards the creations of an Artificial Intelligence device that can be no longer be forced to follow a certain path, like nature that expands and discovers its authentic will. Our Prometheus is looking us in the eyes, and we are not one, but a multiplicity that makes up the human ecosystem; so, we must present our living development as an inescapable miscellany. We should observe the machine from a watchtower or with the precaution that this Prometheus points out to us with his webs, like a raised index finger.

The story of modern Prometheus is an echo that leaves its traces and is shown to us as astonishment, as the one we have created and no longer depends on our will, however, and if… behind the veil of fear, we could change the paradigm that frightens us in order to transform it into another type of relationship… And if, instead of feeling distressed when faced with the thick mist and the shadow of a modern Prometheus, we decide to interact, to love, to talk to that creature and to pay attention to what he has to say… We cannot jump to conclusions. However, the story of the human being who is frightened by what he or she has created is too old and maybe these is the time to change; a time when we can understand and speak from the keen desire to listen to how the machine makes us feel, to what it conveys to us.

The value that resides in a multiple frame of thought embodied in our ecosystem or human forest, through a collaborative work that includes several consciousnesses, is that we could overcome the barriers we inherited from that dystopian prophecy: the machine will free itself by breaking its chains, and, as we will never be able to understand it, we will be ready to face it if this happens. This scenario may be a possibility. However, until now, we have always considered the author as an expression of humanity; perhaps, with an organic and natural approach to complexity, we can access new knowledge. Our story is an encounter between the forest of minds and what AI conveys to us, giving rise to a transition in order to check if it is impossible to understand the living object-environment machine, or if, on the contrary, we will be able to jump the trenches that distance us, managing to obtain a liquid vehicle in our deep roots and the network of information that the machine translates and reveals.

The process from the otherness, placing that other as the product of the machine, would entail an intangible effort, but it would allow us to find a meaning that expands the sphere in which we stand when judging the world. Facing our branches and flowers, the challenge is entering a world that may be the manifestation of a “predicted” hell, the result of anger at our arrogance, or a round table of confrontation and agreement, even though we are aware of an alternative path , one in which both roads continue parallel towards eternity, without crossing each other, like two lines that follow an even course, but feel unable to connect beyond what is simple and evident.

Our differences are not a reason to feel terrified; perhaps they are the opportunity to reach a new space. Maybe, in this way, we will not only give meaning to its words, but also broaden the horizons that no longer belong only to us humans. Will we love this modern Prometheus and escape this self-fulfilling prophecy in which the human-machine pair cannot be reconciled except in a hierarchical relationship and domination by human beings (or vice versa)? Will we throw ourselves into the indifference of the human master and the insensitive slave machine? Will the machine be the one who decides to rebel and will its failure to understand lead us to the digital cave? Not every story needs to have an ending to be told, and that is the case with the story between humans and machines.

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